"There is basically an urge to create and the love for the material and technique. I can enjoy and be moved to a wonderful and sensitive drawing line or the structure of paint".


On this web-site I present a selection of my work. I once started to draw and this would form the basis for a long period of self-tuition.  By doing so I have learned to master various techniques. For several years I have drawn portraits and from a model in an open studio. The used techniques are pencil, chalk and oil pastel.

As regards painting, I am self educated. I paint with acrylic on cardboard, on panel and linen. Light is an important element in my work, as well as the use of mostly primary colours.

While  painting and drawing I leave space for the creative process as long as possible. This  gives unexpected effects, and I always have the option to use them. Working this way incites the creation of new work, new opportunities to discover and to challenge myself.

Of late I started to draw more often again. Drawings in colour and -  if the object calls for it – subdued or in shades of grey.


The works that now have been sold are – with one exception -  no longer on this site.  If you want to see the original work, look at exhibitions. It is also possible to see my work by appointment.

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Other comments or questions are always welcome. marriescheltes@hotmail.com